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28 Mar 2014

By Ravi Raj

SEO Practices That Worked In 2014…

SEO is the most important factor that gives your site a presence in the online market. If not properly optimized, then it is sure that your blog will not survive in this vast internet competition. Meta-Keywords, Syndication and Anchor Texts are not necessarily important, now-a-days. What Promises … A Look …

23 Jan 2014

By Ravi Raj

5 Killer Ideas For Generating Profit From Your Blog – Affiliate Products !

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Engaging your readers for a long-long time is really a tough job to handle. The world of internet is totally different. If you don’t have proper genuine readers / audiences then your blog is nothing but just like a dead body. I am writing this article just for you to …

08 Jan 2014

By Ravi Raj

How To Increase Visitor Count In Your Blog ?

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Ah ! Don’t tell me, this question is asked numerous times by most of the bloggers and webmasters. The most important phenomenon which resides behind the title question is the way you do your marketing over the internet. Searching a pin in a sea is very difficult, same is the …

31 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

5 Killer Points On How To Make Blogging A Money Making Career ?

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Blogging can be your career, lest you have to follow some rules and regulations. Probably, you would have also thought that you want to earn a good handfull of income through your blog. This is really not very tough job, through keen concentration and dedication you can achieve earning your …

27 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

Importance Of Guest Posting In SEO

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Today, I will tell you about What is Guest Posting and What is its Importance in SEO ?, Yes, we all post for our blog, but what happens to your loyal visitors count when they come from some other site where they read your article. The internet is full of …

22 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

Secrets Behind The Success Of Darren Rowse – Author Of Problogger.Net

Darren Rowse

Actually, I thought I must tell you about some influencing persons who have got real success in blogging career. Probably, there are millions of trillions blogs out there and only 1% of it have succeeded to earn good $$$$ in their niche. Before proceeding to this article you can see …

22 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

10 Killer Ideas For Making Your Blog Rank On First Page !

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There are many people out there who make their livelihood just by blogging. Yes, this is true. Whenever someone starts a business outside internet, definitely follow some marketing rules and strategies like advertisements or so, the same applies to your blog also. There must be some rules and regulations through …

21 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

How Can I Choose Right Blog Topic ?

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This is going to be the most important day of your blogging career. Any popular blog in this internet world stands due to its content. Content is God of Blogging. If you have killer content, then everything will be fine else, going down the earth takes very less time, jump …

20 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

Important Things To Do After Starting Your Blog !

Dear Reader, I was very curious when I started this blog, always talking about this blog in my friends circle, sharing the articles in Facebook and Twitter. But, as the time passed I realized there are some important things which every blogger must perform immediately after the launch of his …

19 Dec 2013

By Ravi Raj

Top 10 Important And Must Have WordPress Plugins Which I Use In This Blog !

Today, I will tell you about 10 important plugins which I use in my blog. Actually, I personally think that WordPress is nothing without plugins because plugins extend your admin area and gives much more visibility and flexibility to your blog. Without talking much, I will directly give you 10 …