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31 Jul 2012

By Ravi Raj


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How to create a income generating website for free?

If you are interested in generating a good income from internet, then you should read this article. Actually, there are many sources on the net through which you can earn an outstanding income, lest you have patience power. But, all those great income comes right from your publicity and trustworthiness in the net.

I am going to tell you how to create and website through a CMS and how to teach a blog to generate income for you ! This all seems to be very easy, not as that, its easy but needs a lot of hard-work and patience. If you are ready to do a real hard-work and if you are fond of patience, lol, then you can continue reading this article.

I had differentiated this article in various categories, have a look in them:

Decide Your Niche:

niche website How to create a income generating website for free?

Niche Website

Most of the webmaster start their blogging or internet career within minutes. This may probably give you a few steps of rise, but not for a long time, I mean to say that before building your career with income generation in internet and starting a website, first decide your niche (the base topic in which you are going to create your website), Suppose you are going to write about Technology, then bifurcate this into different categories, like mobile technology, scientific technology and so on. Better to write it down in a personal diary dedicated to your website.

After deciding the niche, think twice again, if you are going to handle this BASE TOPIC for a long period or not, because if you have decided to write on technology and after few months or years, you have to change your topic then it will become very-very difficult to change at that time, so whatever you decide, do it now !

Register A Domain And Chosing A Hosting Provider:

Since, you have decided to write on a particular niche, it came the time to select a name for your domain. A domain is just like your mobile number or your city’s ZIP code, unique in the world ! Remember that you will have to choose a name which is short as well as matches your content also, since you have taken Technology as your niche you can for example choose any name as follows:

  1. tech.com
  2. technology.com
  3. mytech.com
  4. allabouttech.com
  5. techtrans.com etc.

I will recommend to select a .com domain because .com domains are chosen and loved by many people across the globe, rather than other domain extensions like .in, .org etc.

Now, selecting a hosting provider is the most important factor. Most of newbie’s select free hosting providers for their major career turn point, but they don’t know that the word FREE in hosting doesn’t last long. Even I have seen that there are sites which are giving domains in a very lesser price, but once the user comes registering in their servers, returns back or closes its website due to their poor service and watching the downtime of their servers.

Whatever may be the reason, I would like to say just one thing, Always prefer a hosting provider which is secure, reliable and long-lasting. Moreover, it has unlimited plans options and their customer support is best.

Last but not the least, if you are budget conscious then I would recommend you to create a free option, means you can create a free website at WordPress.com and start blogging from there itself. But, there is a problem the name of your domain is suffixed with wordpress.com like tech.wordpress.com, mytech.wordpress.com and so on.

But, remember one thing, though sub-domain-ed websites are convenient to use, but most of the CPC and CPM websites doesn’t allow these website, rather they need master/primary domain names to get approved with them.

Website Model:

Here, Model refers to ‘Static‘, ‘HTML‘ or ‘Dynamic‘ type design of your site. Remember, this is a major factor which will decide the number of users coming to your website and the ranking factor in various search engines. Let me explain,

STATIC means you have no modifying pages, just those with one time change. This type of site can be developed with Dreamweaver like sophisticated but powerful software. The pages are indexed to an average with this type of site.

HTML pages are those which can be changed accordingly and need a good knowledge of HTML and CSS. The pages are indexed well with this type of site, although 92% of sites are developed using HTML pages across the interne.

DYNAMIC site refers to those developed with the use of flash or multimedia, though these type of sites look great in browsers but it becomes sometimes difficult for a search engine crawler to index all of the pages of your site. Therefore, sites with minimal pages use this type of structure now a days. The generation of this site requires good knowledge of Flash, HTML, CSS and Multimedia, if you are good in this then choose this option.

Now, the question comes what to choose, I would recommend to use a CMS (Content Management System) rather than those told above, though CMS use all of the above options, but also gives you the power to operate your site in a simple, reliable and affordable way and also reduces your time to handle your site, while posting your articles.

Selecting CMS:

Content Management System selection is a very easy job in this series of developing a great income generation website. I would like to say just few lines in this section.

wordpress How to create a income generating website for free?

WordPress CMS

If you are going for an simple option and best option then go for WORDPRESS, and if you are interested in something really awesome and advanced, JOOMLA is there for you. Both the CMS’s are open-source and free to use and moreover they are the one, downloaded tons and tons (millions and millions) of times per month.

I will recommend WordPress, though.

Installation of CMS:

Most of the hosting providers will install your CMS in your hosting space, by themselves or they will give you a script in your CPANEL to install the same. After installing the CMS, go through their help systems and forums and try to learn it a bit, future is bright since you are going to learn it by implementing it. So, don’t worry to learn everything on one go, give your mind, the word PATIENCE and TIME.

Keeping a simple and elegant theme will work as good SEO, nothing else except securing your site is left on your end. No matter, install a good security plugin for your CMS, search Google for top 5 security plugins for WordPress/Joomla and install some of them to secure the same.

Writing Articles And Earning Income:

Now, you have chosen TECHNOLOGY as your niche, write some good and unique articles. Don’t write small articles, it should contain atleast 350-400 words atleast, which will give you a better projection in the coming future.

Once you have filled your blog with 15-20 articles, apply for Google Adsense, which is the top-most publisher network across the internet era, to make your site a income generation machine.

google adsense logo How to create a income generating website for free?

Google Adsense

Read my article on Income generation through Adsense.

With time, you will learn how to modify your CMS and then comes, some great improvements to your blog. First of all you have to follow some of the rules implemented by Google’s PANDA, take no tension, I would recommend you to check my article about Google Panda here, how to get good ranking in Google search is given in this article.

5 points to remember:

  1. Regularly update your blog with good unique articles.
  2. Do not copy from other blogs and sites, rather search Google for trending topics and write on your own.
  3. Don’t make any mal-practices to earn income through Adsense, they will ban you immediately, forever.
  4. Social share your articles like in Facebook, Twitter etc.
  5. After earning some income from your site, don’t waste them here and there, rather give advertisements through Google Adwords, this will give you more projection over the net.

There is more to write, but I can’t make this article longer than this, Hang on guys ! this series is not stopped here itself, I am coming with more such articles in coming future.

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