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01 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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A way to Adsense success – Google Plus Button

Have you ever heard about Google Plus or Plus One launched by Google Inc.? After the success of Facebook in a very short period Google has decided to launch its own Social Networking platform and finally on 22nd September’ 2011, launched its brand new Google Plus social networking feature.

plus one A way to Adsense success   Google Plus Button

Google Plus

Google users across the world were soon became aware of this new feature and within a very short period there were almost 52 million new users in a period of 3.5 months.

How it works?

Actually, the base of G+ is based on Circles, through which you can categorize the likes and shares with different people among the circles. For example, if you have ‘Friends’ circle then you can share those items which will be only available to this ‘Friends’ circle. And if you have ‘Family’ circle, then shares in this circle will never be shown to ‘Friends’ circle or vice-versa.

Name Tagging:

There is also a cool name tagging feature introduced by Google Plus, which can be implemented by using the plus sign followed by a name in your circles, and as soon as you type this name, G+ will automatically populate the list with appropriate names and you can select the name in easy go.

Plus One Button:

This is just like Facebook’s Like button, you can share any content on the net by just pressing the G+ button on targeted site, lest it must have that button implemented.

Today, millions of site are using this feature and you don’t have to go to your dashboard of G+ each time to share the content you like with your friends and foes, just click the button on targeted site and it will be shared automatically.

You can implement this button in your site from here. Just adjust the settings as per your requirements and copy the code provided by G+ screen and then paste it in your site, where-ever you like it.

+1 and SEO:

It has been seen that the Google Search Engine is also calculating +1 counts for good ranks in its search results. Moreover, both are developed by same company and hence +1 will be favored by Google Search with ease.

I recommend you to put a +1 button in your site to increase the sharing as well as to get few positive rankings and thus increasing unique users and Adsense income.

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