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01 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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Adsense Click Fraud and Prevention from Getting Banned

Adsense is one of the best CPC and CPM network out there, but it needs a lot of patience to get a good income from it. No matter whatever your niche is, you have to work hard and harder to get into it.

google adsense logo Adsense Click Fraud and Prevention from Getting Banned

Google Adsense

Getting into Adsense is very easy, but maintaining it is very-very difficult task. Most of the users get caught with invalid click frauds and have their account banned, this is very common mistake made by newbies. If you follow simple precautions with Adsense usage, your account will never get banned and it will be in good standing also.

The major factor behind this click fraud mistake is that users won’t pay attention to what Adsense Policy is saying to you, if it says that DON’T CLICK ON YOUR ADS means do as is, Adsense is having very sophisticated and advanced tools from which they will detect your clicks and your account gets banned soon, for ever. For beginners, Adsense help system and engineers have developed a detailed information about the policies and usage, which you have to read very carefully.

Moreover, remember few points which I am telling you to have a good account / business with Adsense:

  1. Custom Channels V/s Traffic: You have to understand your ad-traffic and visitors loyalty, for this create custom channels on your Adsense dashboard and monitor each aspect of your ads performance, on the sites where you have kept the code. Always monitor for any suspicious user behavior like geographic location of clicks, CTR and various other aspects. Google says to understand your traffic first, before continuing with ad-placement and earning money.
  2. Partnership: Be cautious while making partnership with low quality PPC networks, because they will create hindrances and may get involved in fraud click activities.
  3. Never ever click on your own ads, because this is totally against Adsense Program Policies and your account may get banned instantly. If you are using Google Chrome, use the Google Publisher Toolbar plugin, which creates ad-overlays on your site, thus preventing it from accidental clicks.
  4. Don’t modify the Ad code provided by Google. Use as is, because this may also block your account in some cases.
  5. Always use Authorized Sites Feature of Adsense, which ensures that you are putting your ads in your own sites or only on trusted ones, which you allow.
  6. If already you have a blocked Adsense account and want to appeal Adsense, you can use this form anytime.
  7. Moreover, you have Adsense Forums which help a lot, This forum also helped my Adsense Account to get back.

Hope you will now take precautions from becoming a fraud lister by Adsense. Enjoy your earnings !!!

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