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02 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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How to drive targeted traffic with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the most advanced and free reporting tool available on the net. Most of the publishers have though created analytics accounts but they never looked at their site reports and not even tried to optimize their sites following those reports, this becomes the major point in downfall of their site.

Analytics is such a great tool through which any publisher can get a great publicity and targeted visitors, lest the webmaster must know how to use this tool. Even when first I had created my account in analytics, was completely unaware of the usage but within time and with their help system, I had learnt how to drive quality targeted traffic to my website. The help system of Analytics is very-very large enough to answer each and every question that comes in your mind.

google analytics How to drive targeted traffic with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

After creating your account in Analytics, there comes the moment where you have to go through the reports and analyze them. You will gain nothing if you only analyze and watch the reports, along with it make necessary changes to your website and these reports will also give you brief information about your niche.

So, let me tell you how I increased my traffic with this beautiful tool within a very short period.


I regularly analyse my analytics reports, sometimes daily and sometimes within a couple of days. If there is a downfall in the graph, I use to check why this downfall came and where it came from and then modify my site instantly for that cause.

analytics reporting How to drive targeted traffic with Google Analytics?

Analytics Reporting

Important Aspects of Reports to be Checked:

Analytics provide a large amount of data to its users and hence you can easily forget the way to the target. Hence, I, in my beginners period, just tried to make attention only on important topics, here are some for your perusal:

  1. Referring Sites: You can watch this report under Traffic Sources. You can check which sites give you the most traffic, try to spend more time on these sites and if its a social networking site like Facebook, then try to share more on that site.
  2. Keywords: This report also comes under Traffic sources. You can check which keywords are giving you most traffic, and hence increased visibility on Google’s search engine. Once you learnt how to identify these keywords, you can easily write on that niche more and get more targeted users and hence increased Adsense Income.
  3. Top Pages: Check which pages are performing at peak level and start writing on that topic, the most of it. This will give you more projection and targeted users.
  4. Visitors Overview: This will give you the type of visitors coming to your site, like New v/s Returning. You have to note down one thing that Returning visitors always gave high payouts in Adsense, So, write such articles which always makes a user to return again and again to your website.
  5. Visits (Week Days): This is one of the most important factor through which you can gain targeted users, you can check on which day of the week, most users hit your site. Try to publish more articles just the day before. For example, suppose you have most visitors on Thursday and publish articles on Wednesday for better projection.

There are many more features and aspects through which you can increase targeted traffic on your website. Within time, I will also share my workings with Analytics, which will also help you a lot.

Analytics is really a great tool, if you really want to improve your earnings in Adsense, then consider this tool as must have’s for your website.

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