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03 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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Google Adsense Tips and Tricks – How to earn more Income from Adsense?

Every Adsense publisher is always thinking to get rich soon, on the same day when he was approved with Adsense. Oh la la … let me tell you guys this is not so easy. But… wait ! if you have patience, you can get a good income within time, if you are a real hard-worker.

google adsense logo Google Adsense Tips and Tricks   How to earn more Income from Adsense?

Google Adsense

I am always telling my fellow publishers that getting good income from Adsense is not so easy and needs a lot of patience. Even, I earned my first check from Adsense within a year, though completed my initial payout of $100 in one year. All of the extract from Adsense and its income depends on your hard-work and how much you are serious about your work?

Today, I wanted to share some great tips and tricks which you can use to improve your income with Adsense, though it can’t be done within a night, you have to wait for it and hold your patience for getting these great cheques from Adsense.

1. Blending Ads: Its a great tip by many of Adsense publishers out there. Blend your Adsense ads using theAd Style tool provided with each ad zone you create. See the screenshot below:

blending ads Google Adsense Tips and Tricks   How to earn more Income from Adsense?

Blend Ads

I mean to say that the color and feel of the ad must match the background of your website and so the titles and links. This will make your users to click on the ads more frequently, thus increasing your CTR and income.

2. Best Performing Ad Sizes: I have seen that most publishers put any ad sizes on their website, instead of knowing that which ad-size will perform best on your site. In my opinion and as many great publishers told, these are the sizes which give you a better CTR:

  1. 728 x 90
  2. 300 x 300
  3. 336 x 280

Though, rest of the ad sizes are also good but the above list which I have told, performed well in my site and gave me a better CTR. I was using 468 x 60 size in myAfter Title space and from the time I kept 336 x 280 size, it drastically increased my CTR and income.

3. Ads V/s Content: I recommend you to keep your ads with content, means right or left floated, or along with videos (if possible). If would be very nice if you keep your ads just below the title of your article and just below the article, as placed in this article.

4. Heat Map: Follow the heat map provided by Adsense experts, this will give your awesome information regarding the placement of ads and improving the CTR, you can see my article here.

5. Click Through Rate (CTR): This is the major factor which will decide how much money you will earn through Adsense. If you have one website, then no problem. But, if you are using more than 2 website and using the same Adsense account then remove ads from those sites, which are giving very less CTR, this will also increase your income drastically. Income in conjection with CTR have worked for many publishers.

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