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05 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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Common Mistakes made by Adsense Publishers that Violate TOS (Terms of Service)

There are millions of Adsense publishers who always think that they will gain income from Adsense on the go. But, there are many more things to do before you stand infront of Adsense. Most of the publishers get their account banned due to an interesting fact – “They never follow Adsense TOS”.

google adsense logo Common Mistakes made by Adsense Publishers that Violate TOS (Terms of Service)

Google Adsense

After a long run in Adsense Product forums, Program policies and their terms, I had created this list in which I will explain you about the common mistakes which are made by Adsense Publishers and as a result of which their account gets banned by Google.

Here is the list:

  1. Clicking on their own ads: This is the first and foremost mistake which are done by 80% of banned publishers and so is the click percentage. Don’t ever click on your own ads and also never say your friends, relatives and colleagues too click on your ads from their computers, Adsense gurus are having very advanced and sophisticated tools through which they can easily detect this misbehaving activity of yours.
  2. Lots of Ads in a Page: Though, Adsense allows only 3 ad units in a page, but publishers tend to put more and more code on their pages, thinking that they will get more income. Guys, let me clear you that Adsense won’t display any ads for units after 3rd code placed on a particular page, so there’s no importance of placing more ad code. Moreover, you will ban your account within a short period, when Google detects that you have more than 3 ad units on your page. Remember that Google only allows 3 Ad Units, 3 Ad links and 2 Adsense search boxes on a particular page.
  3. Change of Default Code: Publishers tend to change the default Ad unit code according to their requirement. Never, perform this action. This will ban your account, instead, use the default options provided to you while creating a ad unit.
  4. Confidential Information: Its been already told by Adsense that never ever disclose your confidential information like CTR, CPM, Publisher account number etc. This will lead to banning of your account. Don’t do this, ever.
  5. Competitive Ads: Never ever put ads on a page which are competing Adsense, like Chitika, Yahoo etc. But now Google allows a publisher to put these ads, provided these ads won’t break any sort of look and feel like Adsense.
  6. Heading Texts: If you are using Adsense ads as widget or any other type and wanted to put a heading to it, use only ‘Sponsored links’ or ‘Advertisements’, other headings are not allowed by Adsense TOS anymore.
  7. _blank or _new for Ads: This is also against Adsense TOS, if the ads are opening on a new page or new window, then your account will also be banned. If its by default and you haven’t changed anything in Adsense Code, then its Ok.
  8. Placing Ads on Blank Pages: This is one more mistake that most of the publishers do. Always put ads on those pages which have content on it, never on blank pages or on those which have very low content.
  9. Hiding Ad Components: Blending ads according to the look and feel of the site is one thing, and changing the code contents is another. Never make a mistake of changing the original ad contents, this may ban you.
  10. Invalid Marketing Strategies: Sending ads in email or through other means is not allowed according to Adsense TOS, this will also ban you for sure.
  11. Adult Sites: This is probably the most silly mistake done by many publishers, Keeping ads on adult sites is strictly prohibited by Adsense TOS, you will be banned.
  12. Language: Before using Adsense on your site, ensure that the language of your site is supported by Adsense, else if not supported your account will be banned.
  13. Alternate Ads: Google Ads can’t be specified as alternate ads, means if no ads present showing ads from other network like Chitika, Clicksor etc. is not allowed. Rather you can use these ads through the help of Adsense.
  14. Ads with Images: Placing ads with images side-by-side is also not allowed to an extent. You can place only if it won’t effect or encourage users to click on them. Inserting a line between them is also not allowed, according to new TOS. Misleading images as Adsense ads are also against TOS.

Hope that these points help you keeping your Adsense Account in good standing. Keep going !

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