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05 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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How I lost my Adsense Account and got it back?

Before reading this article, I recommend you to read the article which I had written completely for those who make silly mistakes and resulting to losing their Adsense accounts.

Common Mistakes made by Adsense Publishers that Violate TOS (Terms of Service)

As you have read the above article, you must have known about the common mistakes which most of the publishers do and end up in nothing. Adsense is a great advertising network and tons of publishers are earning their livelihood with this, but you have to be very serious regarding your site and overall work.

google adsense logo How I lost my Adsense Account and got it back?

Google Adsense

If you really want Adsense to give you some good income then don’t do it part-time, make it your full-time work, sit like office hours from 10AM to 5PM, at your home itself, Google around various trends and headed topics, work hard and then come back here to know what I did to get my lost Adsense Account back.

So, my story started when I applied for Adsense 3 years back when I started this website. Due to lack of content and design, my website was rejected 2 times then the third time Adsense approved my request, I was very happy at that time, all of my time went on thinking that I will earn a good income with Adsense.

But, that was only my dream ! I haven’t earned a penny for 1 year though, since I was unaware of the fact that how to earn through Adsense and what should be my niche/content of my website. Then, I redesigned my website completely and used WordPress as my CMS, which is the best CMS across the globe.

Though from the beginning I was a Professional Programmer, it became very easy for me to learn PHP and hence designed a custom theme for my website as you can see now in this site. Then I kept Adsense ads and started writing articles, but didn’t got a single penny for next 6-8 months. At that time only one question hit my mind, “Where I am getting wrong?“, After reading several things I had started writing unique and quality content and read various Adsense success stories told by Adsense gurus, of which I also wrote my experience in my article: How to make Income Generating Website for Free? and Google Adsense: How to Make Money.

But, one day I made a big mistake, Instead of contacting Adsense to update my login Email Id, I had deleted my original mail ID through which I used to login to Adsense and now everything I had lost, my Google account, my Adsense account everything.

google adsense How I lost my Adsense Account and got it back?

Google Adsense Banned

I re-applied to Adsense with my new mail ID and they told me that you have already an active account, so this new account can’t be activated and hence disapproved.

One day, I Googled again and decided that I will get my Adsense account at any cost, and found this Email change request form, through which I had applied to change my old Adsense email to the new one which I am having at present.

In the mean time, I had also posted to the Google Adsense Product Forums regarding my problem and this really helped me a lot, Adsense Gurus at the forum helped me a lot and they also told Adsense officials about my problem, which could have been impossible for me to contact them directly.

After a long discussion with PeggyK in forums, I got my Adsense account back and they successfully deleted my old account and created a new one which I am using right now.

Friends, Those who are unaware of Adsense Product Forums, I seriously recommend them to use these forums, they will help you a lot, resolving almost all of your Google related problems.

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