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06 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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Not Getting Enough Adsense Income, Tired of Posting Articles – How to Recover?

When I started this blog, I was totally unaware of the competition that is going on over the Internet and I also started working amist what all other publishers do ! This blog is almost 3 years old and now I started, though after a very long period, to write under a proper niche and learnt how to get a good income through Adsense.

work hard adsense Not Getting Enough Adsense Income, Tired of Posting Articles   How to Recover?

Work Hard

Stuffing your blog with almost all type of articles doesn’t mean that you will earn high in Adsense, but it means that your blog will fail within time ! Hard to hear, this FAIL word… but its the truth.

I have personally seen that most of the publishers and Googlers often searching on the net for their own site, and if it doesn’t come in the top 10 rankings, then they dishearten themselves, but have you ever thought thatWhy after a hard-work also, most of the sites won’t perform good in the search results?

As I have seen, through years and through my experience, most of the blogs fail due to the over-confidence of Webmasters/Publishers, again its hard to hear, but its true ! Most of the publishers start their blog with great zeal and enthusiasm, but after a certain period of time they loose their patience which leads to loss in their overall Google rankings and income.

I have always recommended my fellow bloggers and Adsense publishers that have patience and post regularly with what your niche is, today I have seen a nice website, during my casual browsing, developed by Spencer Haws, who has developed a nice reputation within years due to his hard-work and patience.

So, if you have clicked the above link you would have seen that how Spencer has increased his reputation and earnings over the days. So Why not you? This question, if ticks your mind and if you are thinking to work from now itself… Wait… Wait… here !

Never ever go such fast, Its a great proverb, ‘Practice makes Man Perfect’, so first think on which niche you have done the most practice, from your childhood, you will be definitely perfect on that niche ! Work on that and start your niche website with that topic.

After the latest Google Panda update, most of the webmasters got their hands in their hairs, thinking why my site was hit, I haven’t done anything wrong, Google is the worse thing I have ever experienced. But, remember one thing guys, Google is a business run by their owners, and they are maintaining theirs, butAre you maintaining your Business?, think twice before blaming Google !

The experts sitting inside the Google Headquarters, are first thinking about their business and then yours, so as everyone else ! If you want your Internet Business to be run smooth over time and if you are really serious about your business then think atleast 2% of what Google thinks about his business, you will definitely succeed.

Analyse your business, think on what niche you are going to write the best, implement proper keywords (don’t stuff them), and work daily as you work as if you were in your Office, you will definitely succeed.

Now, I am coming to the pointAre you tired of posting articles daily, then also you are not getting success in Adsense? I just want to read the below given questions if it helps you, may be you can increase your earnings in the coming month:

  1. Are you really working on each article, before doing the writing process on your Computer?
  2. Does your Title and Content taking you to some other niche direction, maintain consistency?
  3. Have you ever followed the success stories of Adsense Gurus?
  4. Are you getting bored after writing 2-3 paragraphs of a particular article?
  5. Do you have enough patience, at-least to get your blog 6 months to 1 year old?
  6. Do you use any paid SEO services on your blog, SEO won’t effect the rankings anymore?
  7. Do you believe in Social Sharing, this does really matters now a days?
  8. Are you regularly in contact with your RSS or Email Subscribers, replying to them for any queries?
  9. Is your blog really secure and do you always follow Adsense TOS?
  10. Do you check Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools atleast within couple of days?

If you really want to get success in your internet business, then pay attention to the above 10 questions which I have asked to you. Its no need to answer me, just answer yourselves and start working from now itself, success will definitely come to you within a period of time, but have your patience always ready.

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