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10 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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My Adsense Account Encountered Click Bombing ! How to Recover?

I had written many articles regarding How to increase targeted users to your blog, How to earn income from Adsense?, and many more, But have you thought many publishers got their account banned but they were innocent and haven’t done anything wrong. So, how and why their account was Banned?

adsense click bomb My Adsense Account Encountered Click Bombing ! How to Recover?

Click Bombing

Click Bomb, is a dangerous term for Adsense Publishers. Have you heard about this term? So, let me tell you about this dangerous word which can easily ban your Adsense account.

What is Click Bomb?

When your Adsense account suddenly¬†gets more clicks than average, in a very short period of time , then its called Click Bombing. Normally this can happen only when someone else clicks on your Ads continuously for more than 150+ (for ex.) times. You haven’t clicked your ads, but Adsense terminology thinks that this has been done by you or some of your friend and thus bans your account saying that you have been involved inInvalid Click Activities.

How to find your account Click Bombed?

Suppose you were getting 200-300 clicks per day for your niche website from the past 7-8 months and you checked your adsense account today with 230 clicks and again you checked it today and got more than 1000 click or so then it is for sure that your account got Click Bombed.

No matter, if you find that your account has been click bombed, you can fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form through which you can tell Google that those clicks haven’t clicked by you and your account has been Click Bombed.

Moreover, never try to cheat Google by clicking your own ads, don’t ever Click Bomb yourselves, this is an invitation to Google for banning your account.

How to detect Click Bomb Activity, Alternate Way?

Watch your Web Server logs through your control panel to see whether the traffic suddenly came from a single IP address. One more option is to check the details of your traffic is Google Analytics, through which you can get many details about the visitors coming to your site and if you find any suspicious activity, immediately inform Google by submitting Invalid Clicks Contact form (link above).

My theory:

Always be alert and regularly watch your Analytics reports and Adsense clicks so that your account keeps good standing in the eyes of Google and for more information check out my article about Adsense Click Fraud and Prevention from Getting Banned.

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