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11 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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How to Make Money Online – A Stable Income Tip !

I am in the field of Computers from past 16 years and during this period I had learnt many things and from the beginning itself I was very fond of learning Computer Programming and at present I am developing Software programs for various Govt. Sectors. And regarding the Internet business, I started my internet career about 5 years ago and since then I have learnt a lot from this Internet thing.

Almost 80% of Internet users search for ‘How to make money online?‘ and so I decided to create a niche website to tell you about the most of earning money online.

make money online How to Make Money Online   A Stable Income Tip !

Make Money Online

Since, this is my first post describing this niche, I just wanted to tell you the ‘Basics of Internet Career’ and what is all about ‘Earning Money Online‘.

So guys, have you ever thought that how most of the publishers earn their living only with a few sites they develop. Most of them are under the free site providers like Blogger, WordPress.com, etc. The main success behind such Publishers is just their hard work and patience.

I have seen many publishers who are earning more than $144K per month, so how this happened? Actually, they are writing under a proper niche and that too continuously, within time the reputation of their site increases in search engines and they start earning regular income from their blogs/websites. For more information about finding your niche, refer to my article regarding List of High Paying Adsense Categories for your Niche Website.

Regarding Adsense, its a very big deal to make a good standing account with Adsense because Google won’t spare a single second to ban your account if you have made a single mistake in following Adsense TOS.

But, what if you haven’t done any mistake and Adsense disabled your account, so as with many genuine Publishers. Always make an alternate source of online Income like:

  1. Sell online products.
  2. Sell your own ebooks or products.
  3. Become Affiliate Marketer, through which many publishers are earning their livelihood.
  4. Always use Adsense Alternative Publisher accounts, don’t ever depend on a single firm as Adsense.

If you follow the above tips, you will always have a backup of your Income Source, and if something odd happens with Adsense account, you will gain a regular income from other sources.

But, I recommend making a good standing with your Adsense account as this is a Genuine Publishing network and pays the most share which comes form its advertisers.

Now, what about the Stable Income? Its a must have like problem for almost all of the Publishers who are beginners in this field. don’t worry guys, I will try to solve this problem also, rest depends on your work and writing capabilities.

The income which is coming regularly is called Stable Income, but when this income multiplies itself per month then its called a GOOD STABLE INCOME, so how to earn a good stable income, its very easy… just follow this tip:



After a certain time, you will be getting a regular income, and please don’t blame me if you are not writing proper articles, not updating your blog regularly and expecting to get a good income.

Moreover, many of us think that Google Panda update has eaten my visitors, but my personal opinion about this blog and the visitors is that after recent Panda Update, every genuine publisher is getting targeted users, and I am watching my blog since the last update and I have seen a drastic increase in returning visitors and also new ones, that too targeted.

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