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13 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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Where and What to Start ? Blog or Website…

I had written many articles regarding how to increase traffic to your website? and how to earn more income from Adsense?, but have you ever thought that what would be best for me to start –A BLOG orA WEBSITE. Hmmm ! this is a great point you should tick your mind for ! Although, there are many more terms for your online business, but today I will tell you whether A BLOG is best for you or whether A WEBSITE is good for your passive income.

blog or website Where and What to Start ? Blog or Website...

Blog or Website

So, first tell me have you ever thought about what is the difference between a Website or a Blog. Let me tell you about these terms in detail, so that you get a clear image about what these two terms are !

Website: Website is like a detailed book where all the pages are stuffed with same design and look. Here, the home page describes you about the key concept about what the site is all about and then the inner pages tell you the detailed information about all other things like a Hosting Provider’s Website.

A Website is often changed, comprises mostly of static pages and you don’t need to change it always. Once created, you have to wait until the visitors are attracted to your site. As I told you that a Website is like a detailed book, means a Cooking Recipe book can’t contain information about Technology Tips, hence A Website is always target to a single topic/niche, so that visitors tend to attract more and more.

For professional websites, you have to spend some of your pocket money and hire a good designer. If your budget goes for this term startup then go for Website designing.

Blog: Hmmm ! now it’s the time for the blog, you can say that a Blog is just like a Magazine or similar to a Online NewsPaper, which contains topics about two or more niches. Moreover, the content in a blog is variable, means it changes frequently within time. Date and Time are major factors of a blog.

Moreover, creating a blog doesn’t requires professional knowledge of programming, if you are interested in creating a blog, just open a blog site in wordpress.com and you are done within 5-6 minutes. Learn through online help manuals and then you are ready to rock in your blog.

The history of blog started when users started maintaining their diaries in Internet, they tend to write everything they do in a particular day and the demand of blogs increased gradually with time and now many users are starting their blogging career first, rather than a website.

How to Choose?

Now the major point comes, how to choose one among the above two terms:Blog or Website, After reading their description, I think, its not very difficult to choose, again if you want me to tell you, I would be glad elaborate the details again.

Everything depends on you own decision, if you are interested in writing quality niche content on a regular basis they you should go for a blog and if you want some static content then you should go for a website, again confused !

Never get confused friends, just have you patience and read again the full article and choose your keyword and start with it, if you are a hard worker, both will take you up.

What’s my Choice?

If you would ask me that if I were in place of you, then what would I have gone for, then I will definitely go forA BLOG, for many reasons.

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