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14 Aug 2012

By Ravi Raj


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Social Sharing – A Key to Increase your Blog’s Targeted Traffic

After the latest Panda Update, most of the publishers got a earthquake in their website rankings and its income also. I always recommended in my various articles to produce unique and niche contents, so that you may get rid of slapping by various Algorithm changes by search engines. Social Sharing, is a word by which you will get better projection in Google Search Results because these two words make a worth, now, by Google’s latest PANDA update.

social sharing sites Social Sharing   A Key to Increase your Blogs Targeted Traffic

Social Sharing Sites

Moreover, Google has announced that after receiving lots of DMCA requests from various webmaster about copyright infringement, your ranking may be downgraded completely in search results. You can read full news about this notice here.

Its not a problem to follow other sites and blogs, but if you tend to copy the content from other areas of Internet, you will definitely be slapped one day and your rankings will gradually decrease. So, if you really want to get high in Search Engines, never copy content from other sites, its just a recommendation… rest is upto you !

Anyways, I was telling you about one key point to increase your targeted traffic. After the latest update of Google Algorithm, PANDA, Social Sharing became one of the major factor to increase your traffic.

The word ‘Social Sharing’ seems to be very hard pronounced practically, but its not like that ! Its just a matter of minutes to implement these in your site. Sharing your content in various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus, Stumbleupon etc. is called social sharing.


There are many benefits of social sharing, some are stated below:

  1. You will get direct projection.
  2. You don’t have to expend your pocket money in advertisements.
  3. Your content will spread like wild-fire.
  4. Targeted users will attract directly to your site.
  5. Direct increase in Google Search Engine rankings.

There are many more benefits, if you really want a better projection then try the concepts which I am going to tell you here. See the left side of this page, I had kept some social sharing badges, so that when visitors come to my site and if they like any of the article, they will tell their friends and relatives about the content, by sharing it to the appropriate sharing site and thus spreading my words directly.

Which Badges to Use?

Confused ! I meant to say that are you confused about which social sharing badges give you better projection. Let me explain, the most popular badges where your content will be shared the most are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Stumbleupon
  3. Google Plus
  4. Reddit
  5. Twitter

Implementation of badges is very easy task, just copy and paste the code. Click the appropriate badge you want to put in your site, copy and paste the code in your theme file where you want it to display, save and upload it to your server and you are ready to go.

Moreover, if you won’t have enough knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you can use various plugins that come for WordPress and Joomla which will directly insert these social sharing buttons in your website.

Tip: If you are unaware of HTML and CSS then Shareaholic can insert these buttons for you.

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