Barbershop the New Growing Business

It is no longer a secret that there are so many types of businesses out there but you can narrow it down into two major categories – the food and service business. The simple explanation why food and service business will always thrive is because we – the people – can’t live without food and we need other people to take care of each other. One of the most promising and thriving business ideas is setting up a barbershop and you might think that this type of business will not survive, but if you watch the movie, you know that barbershop has been part of our social life. Do not confuse the barbershop with hair salon because personal encounter and social life is what makes barbershop different from hair salon. How do you start barbershop business? First of all, you need to educate yourself everything about how to be a barber alongside with knowledge and skill of hair maintenance and do not forget to use the technology to promote and market your barber business.

The marriage between good ol’ traditional barbershop with technology means you are expanding your barber service without have to pay for expensive online marketing service. It is not that difficult to involve technology in your barbershop because you can get the latest barber equipment and appliances and also politely ask your very loyal customers to promote and market your barbershop. By using the available social media networks, you can broadcast, promote, and market your barbershop with just one click. Not only the social media networks; you can also expand your range of barbershop service by offering haircut salon application. This service application allows any potential barbershop customers to locate and find your barbershop by inserting couple of information. What about promotion and other marketing strategies you should have to attract more customers as well as provide giving back to the community? It is easy, you can schedule free hair cut for kids on certain weekdays such as Friday, or you can schedule for giving free barber lesson.

It might sound weird, but programming giving back to the community believes not only elevates the popularity of your barbershop, but also provide positive image for the barbershop. Sadly, not all barbershops and hair salons are arranging the giving back to the community program and if you notice, the barbers and/or the hair stylists are often running their own community program. Giving free hair cut for homeless will not put your barbershop to bankruptcy, but rather making your barbershop more popular and you can also inspire other barbershops to provide the same giving back to community program. Besides homeless, the barbershop should offer house-calling barber service for people who could not visit the barbershops due to several reasons. The last but not least is you have to make sure that your hair maintenance products are made of natural ingredients because natural ingredients have been scientifically proven safe and biodegradable. Do not forget to recruit the best barbers you can find and it is not only their barbering skill, but also their personality too where they can interact with customers while giving hair maintenance service.