Customers into Loyal Fans

What do customers mean to you? Are they just people who bought your items or people who hire you for your service? The marketing companies found out that the reason why some businesses are surviving through the hardest conditions such as world economy crisis is because of their loyal fans which used to be their loyal customers. But thanks to the new marketing method, the marketing companies are turning the loyal customers into loyal fans because once you are loyal, it is going to take a lot of efforts to snap you back to reality.

There are three simple steps that you can try to apply to turn your current loyal customers into your die-hard fans and those steps are points, rewards, and eMarketing. The points here referred on how you can motivate your customers by awarding them with points that they can use for future purchasing. Of course for customers who already be part of the membership loyalty program, they also have other points that they can accumulate and achieve rewards based on the amount of points that they have collected. Giving selling points to your customers mean you indirectly command your customers to keep shopping and add more points.

Rewards are referred are supposed to incentivize, value, and close the sales where the more customers who closing the sales with your business, they are collecting additional rewards – besides the aforementioned points – for having mutual business agreement with you. Whenever you think that you have enough loyal fans, put that thought aside and start to expand your marketing plan by applying the eMarketing. There are so many forms of eMarketing that you can practice such as sending email campaign to your customers for limited discount hours, free product tester, endorsement, or even involve the customers as your online marketing representative.