The New Concept of Business & Technology

Many people say that the continuing business drives the technology whereas a lot of people say that the technology drives the business. It is absolutely unknown whatever is actually in charge of what and I have to say that the emergence of the info technology has really managed to get even more technical. All the individuals who are mixed up in business as well as the technology are actually in dilemma whatever theory is accurate. However I’ve different ideas. Personally i think that sometimes the technology drives the business enterprise and sometimes the business enterprise drives the technology. Plus its to say that the business enterprise and technology are interdependent. I’d like to prove the same by making use of this article.

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Just feel that when it was decided that each company should have a board of directors. I must say that this is absolutely a very old practice. The ancient Romans too experienced this in their supervision even. I really believe that this indicate that the technology came afterwards and therefore business need lead to the evolution of the technology. Including the telegraph became famous due to Reuters. In deed it was the largest information company in the global world which first used the telegraph for his or her work. There are a lot more examples.

The commercial trend which caused the fantastic change in neuro-scientific the business enterprise was ignited because of the technology of the vapor engine. This really made the business world grow fore flip across the world. Thus giving us the indication that the technology played an important role for business to be global. In fact the technology is in charge of the globalization of the continuing business.

But this will not imply that the technology drives the carrying on business. Yes, you can say that the technology escalates the swiftness of which the carrying on business activities are performed. But saying that the business enterprise is driven by the technology continues to be not correct.

Let me describe you another relative side of this topic. You understand why the telegraph was discovered. Yes this occurred because the business world needed this. The Reuters were the first ever to use the telegraph plus they end up being the best in the globe. Hence can we say that the technology works as the leading edge so that certain business leads within the other? Yes this is the truth and this time we are absolutely right really. This is absolutely the key thing about the relationship between the technology and the continuing business.

You can only say that with the aid of technology you can succeed the competition which is on among the list of rivalry entrepreneurs. Let’s take into account the problem of the first paragraph and I am tranquil confident to state that sometimes the business enterprise is powered by the technology and sometimes the technology makes vicinity due to business needs.