About the Prostate Health

How well do you know the prostate? In fact, what is prostate and what does it do? We do not use complicated medical terms here, we are trying to explain you the importance of keeping the prostate healthy because it is concerning that unhealthy prostate leads to complication diseases for men. A prostate health is where the prostate gland which is a small reproductive organ in males or men and it is located between bladder and the penis, right in front of the rectum. During growing period, the prostate gland is as small as walnut and as men grow older, the prostate can be as big as apricot and by age 60, the size is as big as lemon.

What does prostate do? Thanks to the advanced medical science, the major role that prostate carries would be producing a fluid that protects sperm. There are some components on the fluid, one of them is the PSA which also known as Prostate Specific Antigen; the PSA is liquefying semen which thickened after ejaculation as the thinning action helps the sperm to swim freely. For urologists, it is pretty common for men to take the prostate for granted which is why ignoring the prostate could lead to swells or grows. Unknown swelling or growing of prostate definitely lead to cancer and to avoid this, you should consume natural-based supplement to protect your prostate.

If you think Canada is the only country that offers cheap medicines, think again, because New Zealand offers a natural supplementary medicine for keeping your prostate healthy. This prostate health supplement has some ingredients which critical to maintain healthy prostate and they are the Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Selenium, and Zinc. Of course besides consuming the aforementioned natural supplement for prostate, you still need to watch out your food intake as well as taking sports regularly.