Advocates and Influencers in Marketing World

There are so many keywords related to marketing and some of those words are pretty common among marketing agents. Those words are growth hacking, datafication, value exchange, brand essence, storytelling, thought leadership, and the latest are advocates and influencers. Advocates and influencers have been used in marketing world for so long and they are part of any business’s marketing strategy. In fact, you can’t leave out advocates and influencers behind. So, what do advocates and influencers mean? What is the difference between the two terms? This article is for those who want to know these marketing jargons and their vital marketing roles.

Let’s get to know about influencer and the simple definition for this term would be a person who has the ability to influence certain number of people such as potential customers and market segment candidates. Before the booming of social media, celebrities and public figures are the best influencers, but today, the online celebrities have more popularity than celebrities on TV. If you wish to learn more about influencer, you need to know that he/she – or sometimes they – is very useful as they replete with extensive audiences and established power which make their fans grow attractiveness or even fanaticism in products and services that the influencer is promoting.

As for the advocates, it is pretty much the contrary of influencer because an advocate in marketing world is considerate to have lack of fame, but they are expert in giving observation and evaluation on the consumer’s behavior. Just like influencer, the simple definition for advocates would be a very satisfied customers who are willing and want to spread or help to promote the products or/and services that the business is offering. Some theories said that it is easy to ask loyal and satisfied customers to become advocates, while others said that the business owners should offer something in return for the customers to become their advocates.