Best Tips To Unlock Bootloader On All Sony Xperia Devices

In today’s modern life, many people are always buying the latest communication devices to become friends in their lives. Lots of choice of communication devices that you can choose to be your best option. However, many people prefer the latest communication device from sony xperia. Sony xperia devices classified as the best smartphone in the world. If you love sony xperia device, surely you want to get root access on your Xperia device. Before performing root process on your Xperia device, you must perform Unlock Bootloader on your Xperia device to get full root access. And in here we provide the best tips to unlocking the bootloader on all sony xperia devices. For example, we use a sony xperia M2 D2305. However, this Unlock Bootloader concept can you apply on All Sony Xperia Devices. Make sure to unplug your SD Card and back up contact numbers of your friends on the SIM card before unlocking the bootloader on your Xperia device. You need to remember that unlock the bootloader could void the warranty of software updates from sony. But you do not need to worry, because you can still update the latest Sony software via flashtool.

1. First Dial your xperia devices *#*#7378423#*#*

2. Select Service info > Configuration. Make sure on the Rooting status on your devices having Bootloader Unlocked Allowed: Yes. If Bootloader Unlocked Allowed: No, that means your devices can not be Unlock Bootloader.

3. Visit the official xperia developer to get Unlock Bootloader key. Scroll down > select the type of your Xperia devices > Continue.

4. Enter your email > checklist on the Terms & Condition > and Submit.

5. Now login to the email that you registered earlier, then check email from sony developer > Visit the link that provided by sony developer. (Note: If you can not find any email from sony developer, please check your Spam)

6. Cek your IMEI devices by Dial *#06#

7. Enter your IMEI devices number, but make sure your remove 1 last digits of your IMEI devices. Examples Detailed of your IMEI number is 353257060276986. Then just enter 35325706027698. For users of Xperia Dual device surely there will be 2 IMEI, simply enter the first IMEI of your Xperia Dual device. Then checklist on the Terms & Condition > and select Submit.

8. Save the KEY that provided by sony developer in NOTEPAD.

Let’s start the process of Unlock Bootloader for your xperia devices

First, visit the official flashtool providers to download the flashtool latest version in order to continue the process of Unlock Bootloader for your xperia device. Install flashtool and install the flashtool driver by opening the Local C > Flashtool > Drivers folders in your laptop.

Then checklist just on Flashmode Drivers and Fastboot Drivers only.

Before opening flashtool, connect your laptop with an internet connection. Then open your flashtool and wait flashtool synchronization.

Turn off your xperia devices. and instal the driver of your xperia devices via USB cable by pressing and hold the volume down (-) while you connect the USB cable on your laptop to activate the flashmode drivers of your xperia devices in flashtool. Unplug the USB cable, and plug your USB cable once again on your laptop by pressing volume up (+) to activate the fastboot drivers of your xperia devices in flashtool.

Unplug your Xperia device USB cable from laptop. Close and reopen flashtool and then select BLU.

Wait a second until the popup appear wait for flashmode > plug your xperia device by pressing and hold the volume down (-) while you connect the USB cable on your laptop.

The popup will appear again but now wait for fastboot mode > Unplug the USB cable > and plug your xperia device once again by pressing and hold the volume up (+) while you connect the USB cable on your laptop.

Enter your Unlock Bootloader KEY that given sony developer earlier in your notepad > select Unlock.

Make sure the flashtool provide information OKAY and Finished.

Unplug your xperia device from your laptop. Turn on your xperia device. And when your device is booting, certainly will take more time because your device will return as a new device. Then make sure to check unlock bootloader on your xperia devices.

DIAL *#*#7378423#*#* > Service Info > Configuration
If successful the descriptions is Bootloader Unlocked: Yes.
If it failed, descriptions is Bootloader Unlocked Allowed: Yes

If you have managed to unlock the bootloader on your device, you can continue the root process on your Xperia device.