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Business Technology News is not the response to all small company problems. You need to deal with staff theft, salaries, functions, credit, insurance, customer relationships, cash flow and even more. But in many of these areas the correct execution of technology can help you save money and time and allow one to work better. This is an inexpensive of Business Technology News and efficient methods to offer you 24/7 customer care, sales and communication, not merely in your geographic area, but surrounding the world. Your Site could even be an instrument of inner communication for your employees. The best hype of earning the big bucks “online” is exaggerated, however your Site can be an outstanding marketing communications and advertising tool — which brings about indirect earnings — and a good direct income generating tool if developed properly. An excellent website points out your service or product and adding perspective customers to your business. Be sure you concentrate on the client when making your website, not yourself. Concentrate on benefits and advantages that you offer.

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Neater and cheaper than faxing, faster then FEDEX or the POSTOFFICE. Email is the leading tool for marketing communications. For instance, one of my customer companies had cell phone bills that come to into the thousands monthly; after implementing a straightforward email system their telephone charge was $68.00. They actually talk more often, but email has lessen expensive faxing costs. The threat of email originates from junk mail, infections and bad email etiquette.

Spam can be handled by using simple filter systems. For instance, Microsoft Outlook includes built in spam filter systems which work quite nicely. Leverage the systems you have before jogging out and extra cash. Email etiquette is absolutely up to your corporate and business culture. Some companies haven’t any problem with employees CC’ing everyone available and others control against it. Just find out what works for you and then let people in your business really know what you like. Email starts the entrances to great advantages but evenly dangerous threats. That’s the reason you must, absolutely have another item upon this list.

Viruses will assault your personal computer systems. The only real question is do you want to fight. Protect your computer data! In the 21st hundred years information is more valuable than cash! An Anti-Virus program will warn one to a possible computer virus infection, and become able to remove the pathogen before significant harm occurs. Modern anti-virus software packages will also protect you from other styles of malware, including spy ware, bots, and other such internet hazards. Any anti-virus software from an established vendor will be enough. Make sure to turn on programmed revisions as new trojans are manufactured every day. Also, make sure you schedule a complete virus scan weekly; I program them for non-working time.