Choosing Mobile App or Mobile Website

We do not want to confuse you or anything, we simple brought up a topic that most smartphone users are discussing about and that would be having the application version or browse through the mobile website. That is right, we all know that at some point, we have to decide whether we should download and install the mobile application from PlayStore or Apps Store or just use the good ol’ mobile browsing website. Let’s see it from the mobile phone and the smartphone users, shall we? For the users, it doesn’t matter which one as long as it does not make their mobile phone runs slower with small internal storage capacity.

From the company’s point of view, if it is possible, they would like to have both by offering the mobile apps and the mobile website. Why both? Because by offering both, they can have bigger market segment and potential customers for whatever products and services they are currently sold. According to, the mobile apps and the mobile website are actually having different purposes and for better results, the company should assign different teams which consist of programmers and technicians for each field. Would be expensive to have both for marketing strategies?

Well, it would be but if you want to promote your company, you need to take one step forward from your other competitors. By offering mobile apps and mobile website, you ask your customers to be part of new marketing strategy and let them decide which one is more convenient for them. For your information, the mobile apps and mobile website have different internet data usage and the mobile apps version could be using less data usage or vice versa; either way, you can still slip couple of ads into the apps as long as the ads do not interrupt customers.