The Transformer Oil Purification Systems Service

In today’s modern life, many people are always need the advanced technology equipment for their daily needs. The development of the technology world this time is greatly helping the lives of everyone in the various countries to be the best. Therefore, in here we will give you a concept of advanced technology that has been developed only for oil purification. One of the most frequently encountered contaminant in oil is water. Water is detrimental to the life and performance of the dielectric oil. The GlobeCore manufactures a complete line of oil purification Systems Filtration Equipment that removes this water contamination as well as other types of contamination, i.e. particulates and gases.

– Vaporizes water from oil under vacuum.
– Dehydrates, filters, purifies and de-aerates oils.
– Self-policing system.
– Numerous sizes and options are available.

By maintaining absolute fluid cleanliness, end-users can dramatically increase the life of power transformer, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.

– Packaged, compact units for liquid filtration.
– Completely self-contained and wired ready for field service.
– Easy handling and portable.
– Accommodates a large range of specific applications.

The cart is ideally suited for servicing small volume transformers. All processes required for servicing electricity substation can be performed including gas removal, temporary oil storage, contaminant filtration to 0.1 micron, gas purification and drying, equipment evacuation and equipment re-pressurization. The cart is also ideally suited for consolidating partially-used SF6 bottles into one bottle.

The proposes industrial purification systems for mineral oils. Usually they are used for dielectric oil maintenance. We propose equipment for oil filtration system of POWERED transformers: portable oil purifier is connected to transformer via TSS (transformer safety system), that measure minimum and maximum levels of dielectric oil and keep transformer operating.

Transformer oil requires purification when breakdown voltage (dielectric strength), water content, dissolved gas and particulate matter exceed those acceptable for in-service oil values. Our vacuum transformer oil purification plants are available skid-mounted, container-mounted, mobile or on rollers in order to improve the above parameters and service transformers. Many benefits that you can get if you visit the website service of oil purification equipment that we provide only for you. If you are interested in oil purifiers that we provide, please feel free to visit our site’s services and read perfectly the terms and conditions of our services to be your best guidelines. If you are still confused with the oil purification services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. Because our services are always working professionally only for the convenience of all our customers.