Ubud – the Hidden Gem of Bali

What are your plans for Christmas? If you are planning to have quiet vacation or get away from those annoying relatives who always ask annoying questions during Christmas family dinner, perhaps we can help you with that. Welcome to Ubud, which is one of the hidden vacation spots – more like vacation gems – in Bali and if you haven’t heard about Ubud, this is your chance to get to know more about Ubud and why you should spend your Christmas here on this region. Where is the exact location of Ubud? Use the Google Map and it will tell you that Ubud is located in the middle of Bali and despite in the middle of Bali, Ubud has granted to be a truly remarkable and peaceful town and commonly popular among tourists from all over the world.

Ubud offers you peace and quiet vacation where you can temporary leave your busy life and hectic working schedules behind and just enjoy the serenity atmosphere on this small village. Do not associate the small village with remote place where you can’t get access to the modern privileges because the locals are offering you a lot of options for fine dining restaurants with irresistible and breath-taking views and the one that you should not miss is getting spa treatment from various spa services. At bali ubud, you can indulge your eyes by walking at the green lush paddy fields and witness how the Balinese ladies are gracefully and slowly walking while balancing piles of fruits offerings on their head as they are on their way to the temple. How do you get around Ubud? There are three possible options regarding the transportation you need to get around Ubud.

Those three possible transportation for you are walking, bicycling, or motor-biking; for bicycling and motor-biking, you have to hire them unless you have acquaintance in Ubud where you can get “personal discount” and you need to remember that hiring bicycle and motor-bike are charged by the hours. Always accompanied by local guide to avoid getting lost although most local people can speak English, but do not expect for fluently. Prepare yourself by taking important notes on dos and don’ts while in Ubud as they are very religious people and they have different ceremonies which require tourists not to wander around. Choose your travel agent wisely and if possible, ask for preliminary itinerary plans from different travel agents so you can compare the price and services which includes accommodation and transportation options.